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Data Acquisition System OmniaceⅢ RA2800A
Data Acquisition System OmniaceⅢ RA2800A
Multi-Channel Measurement up to 32 Channels!
Simple and Excellent Operation!!
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Maintenance Period
Multi-channel Measurement
Direct sensor inputs up to 32 channels (16 slots).
16 digital inputs for measuring various timing signals.
Unique & Easy "Pen-Recorder" Mode
Easy operation like a pen recorder by the touch panel and virtual amp controls.
High-speed and high-quality printout at max 50mm/sec.
Large 12.1" Display
12.1" TFT color LCD display for better visibility of measured data.
Long-term Continuous Recording on HDD Built-in 40GB HDD Provides 60 days Recording
At 10ms sampling on 32 channels
User selectable measurement modes
Users can easily select from five (5) measurement modes_Pen Recorder mode for real time strip chart recording, HD Recorder mode for long term recording of data to a HDD, X-Y Recorder mode for displaying/recording X-Y correlation of two signals, Multi Recorder mode captures transients while recording steady-state signals, and a Memory Recorder mode for recording fast events.
User selectable measurement modes
Simple Operation
A "Virtual" Amplifier Control Panel with "Auto Function" automatic adjustment mode combined with our proven reliable touch panel guarantee accurate data recording and simple operation.
Upright Type (easy setup on a bench top or rack)
Parts configuration for measurement on a bench top or rack_control, display and printer units on the front; amplifiers and interfaces on the back.
High-speed & High-quality Printing
Real time selectable chart speeds from 50mm/sec to 1mm/min (resolution: 20 dots/mm).
32 channels Analog & 16 channels Digital recording
Input up to 32 channels of analog data via isolated, dual channel, plug-in amplifier modules for a wide variety of signals and sensors.
Also, 16 digital input channels measure diverse signal timing and contact status.
Outstanding Search Function
Max/Min, time and other search functions are available for finding required data points fast and easily after long term measurement.
Standard LAN and USB I/F
LAN (100BASE-T) for data communication and USB for connecting to external storage devices are equipped as standard interfaces.
type RA2800A
Display 12.1" TFT color LCD (1024x768) with touch panel
Channel 32 channels(16 s lots) + 16 channel digital inputs (built-in on mainframe)
Memory Capacity 1MW/ch (32MW when using 1 channel)
Division 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 divisions
Sampling speed MAX 2μs(500kS/s)~
Printer Printing method Thermal head printer on thermal paper
Width of paper 219.5mm
Chart Speed 50mm/s to 1mm/min
Effective printing range 1 division (200mm/FS) to 16 divisions (10mm/FS) or arbitrary divisions and range settings
Storage device Builtin HDD 40GB (including system domain 5GB)
External: USB memory, MO through USB standard I/F
  • LAN (100BASE-T) ---control with communication command: Standard
  • USB ---external storage device connection: Standard
  • RS-232C ---control by communication command or UPS shut-down: Option
Measuring mode
  • Pen Recorder ---Records real time signal directly on chart paper
  • HD Recorder ---Records input signal on built-in HDD directly
  • Measuring mode Memory Recorder ---Records high speed events initiated by set trigger
  • Multi Recorder ---Combined recording modes of Memory, HDD and/or Pen Recording
  • X-Y Recorder ---Displays and records X-Y gragh by arbitrary 1ch f or X and up to 3ch f or Y axis
Dimensions Approx. 400 (W) x 270 (H) x 380 (D) mm excluding projections
**Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Main Unit
Item Model Specification
OMNIACEⅢ RA2800A Mainframe only
Input Amplifiers
Item Model Specification
2ch High Res DC Amp AP11-101 Input: ±100mV to ±500V, A/D: 16-bit
2ch FFT Amp AP11-102 Anti-aliasing filter: 72dB/OCT, w/ power supply for sensor
2ch High-speed DC Amp AP11-103 Input: ±100mV to ±500V, A/D: 12-bit
2ch AC Strain Amp *1 AP11-104A Frequency characteristics: 2kHz, Bridge power: 5kHz
Event Amp AP11-105 Input: 8 logic (voltage/contact)
2ch TC/DC Amp AP11-106A Input: R, T, J, K, W (±100mV to ±50V), A/D: 15-bit
TC/DC Amp AP11-107 Input: R, T, J, K (±100mV to ±50V), A/D: 14-bit
F/V Converter AP11-108 Input: 1Hz to 10kHz
2ch Vibration/RMS Amp AP11-109 Input: ±100mV to ±500V, w/ power supply for sensor
2ch DC Strain Amp AP11-110 Input: 800μe to 20kμe(BV=5V), 2kμe to 50kμe(BV=2V)
2ch Zero Suppression Amp AP11-111 Input: ±100mV to ±500V, A/D: 16-bit
*1: Optional AC Bridge Power Unit (RA23-143) is required.
Item Model Specification
Remote Unit RA23-144 Use external signals to start/stop recording and paper feed
RS-232C Unit RA23-142 Control by communication commands or UPS shut-down
AC Bridge Power Unit RA23-143 Bridge power unit for 2ch AC Strain Amp (AP11-104A)

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